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Do you offer support and service in the USA?

The Quilting Masters software and pattern library, are simple to use & browse. Once a quilt that is inserted into the Quilting Masters frame system has its outside edges quickly identified via the software interface. Then you will choose your desired quilting pattern A quick test trace of the edges is recommended, and then a push of the (Quilting button) and the Quilting Master starts quilting your quilt, With no pinning, rolling, or basting required.

Do you offer support and service in the USA?

In comparison to the other quilting systems on the market today, the Industrial Quilting Systems pricing is more than competitive. The Quilting Master is Americas lowest priced industrial quilting system. We have accomplished this by viewing our family business with a long generational time frame, that places people over profits. Keeping true to our values, we strive to keep our customers costs low. Beginning with your purchase, we continue to provide long term services at affordable pricing for any maintenance that is required in the long service life of the Quilting Master quilting system.

Do you provide customer service?

A recent client wrote us saying, From our initial inquiry to the placement of our order, every question we asked was answered quickly and completely. After we placed our order, William and the team has kept us informed at every step of the construction and shipping process. Our Quilting Master arrived to our location a week early. The installers quickly assembled and tested our Quilting Master the first day, and dedicated a full day to helping us learn everything we needed to operate and maintain our new Quilting Master perfectly. When we have had a few additional questions over the last few months, William or the tech support department has answered them quickly. We are quite happy with our new Quilting Master ...Kathy

Will a computerized sewing machine make me more productive?

The Quilting Master is designed with productivity in mind. These features include the high speed quilting heads, large industrial bobbins, the full frame Rapid frame framing system, and special full frame designs are created to enhance the speed & efficiency of the Quilting Master system. We find it possible to prepare a new quilt top, batting & backing sandwich to be completely framed in about 5 minutes With frame changes in just seconds when we pre-frame our next quilt to be quilted.

Is the full frame design of these machines an advantage?

The Industrial Quilting Systems full framing system makes it easy to create designs almost impossible with the other home hobby type quilting machines. Quilting Master allows full frame whole cloth cross hatch type medallions, intricate Hawaiian, custom logos or pictorial designs. No longer are you limited by your quilting machines throat length, causing so many tie offs, and a multitude of special plastic rulers and templates to accomplish these complex designs.

How often do you update your designs?

Our designers are always adding new designs to our library of Quilting Masters designs. We add new FREE DESIGNS MONTHLY within our newsletters, and many more are available for download upon demand from many sources.

How long can I expect support?

Being part of the Quilting Master family offers our customers many opportunities. From our FREE ONLINE SUPPORT department, to the availability of our newest website designs and tools to support your business. We wish to help you succeed and grow your quilting business beyond your wildest expectations.

Are there several models and sizes of Quilting Master machines?

We know our customers needs are varied. We have a complete line of Quilting Master systems & sizes to suit the needs of any workshop or budget. The Quilting Master IV is the system of choice for most workshops today. The prices for the QM IV-P start as low as $ 19,990.00 & rise to $ 39,990.00 for the top of the line QM IV-XTI systems with every option. Our sincere goal is to match the perfect quilting system to your businesses unique needs. We can also offer other configurations for those workshops that require them at the market cost. These include our older models as well as continuous multi head and single head machines. ( See our Other systems for more information)

Are the machines well made?

The Industrial Quilting Systems are built to high industrial standards. Their robust construction allows for true 24 hour duty cycles to handle the requirements of the most demanding custom quilting workshops or quilting factories. Their long working life is measured in decades not years. The finish is baked on enamel, and they are finished to a nice industrial quality finish throughout.

Do you offer support and service in the USA?

All of our sales, support, installation, and parts supply is located in the USA. This offers you the quickest access to any supplies. Answers to any question are just an email or phone call away.

Do you offer support and service in the USA?
quilt machine
Industrial Quilting Systems Full Frame Quilting System
Long Arm Quilting System
We are often asked how intricate of design can we quilt ?
Tree of Life Quilt Applique.
Arabesque Reverse Applique

The answer is: If you can imagine it, the Quilting Master will make it a quilted reality. Enjoy a few examples from our talented customers. All of these designs are nearly impossible to accomplish on a traditional long arm system. Please click the photos to see a video showing how they were created.

Ordering your new Quilting Master full frame quilting system

Quilting Master systems are custom built to exceed the needs of your custom quilting studio. We try to keep inventory available of our most popular systems, but in truth they are being placed in their new studios almost as fast as we can build them.

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