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Quilting Master IV-XTI

The New Quilting Master IV-XTI is a leap in technology from any of its predecessors.

Introduced in June 2016, The Quilting Master IV-XTI will quickly secured the top spot for all of our top clients. This new system has a completely redesigned sewing head that has been in the design stage for 2 years. It allows for a much faster 3,000 SPM sewing speed, automatic thread trimming, automatic bobbin oiling, our new easy glide frame rail moving system, and much more.

Its 4 axis servo drive system are based on our rack and pinion system with a more robust mounting plate and drive system. Linear rail systems are used throughout this new design for the smoothest operation. All the computer controls have been upgraded to support the new operational features & integrated within the central bridge of the system, enhancing the elegant look, and ease of operation.

Many model configurations are available and it is always best to speak with your representative for the full details. They will listen to your needs, and recommend the best system for your budget, & long term profitability.

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