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Industrial Quilting Systems always offers the best pricing on everything we create.

When possible we buy limited quantities of our most popular Quilting Master systems in bulk so that we can offer special pricing to our customers. When this is possible there are specific and firm cut off dates for the completion of all purchase paperwork and payments.

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Understanding the Power & Profitability of Industrial Quilting Systems

We always strive to help our customers improve their quilting studios, any way we can. Industrial Quilting Systems full frame computer guided quilting systems have consistently proved to have a top tier resale value on used and trade up equipment due to their incredible return on investment of this unique type of quilting system. Watch our live online demonstration starting at 9:00 am.

Quilt Quote advertising platform

Try our exclusive Quilt Quote advertising platform to save your shop time and to increase your profitability We love our retail quilting customers. We have however found that in our studio we spend nearly 45 minutes with each of them in helping them discover the many possibilities available to them when completing their custom quilt.

By pointing these customers to our Quilt Quote system, either via email, Facebook, eBay or in the workshop, our customers can discover the thousands of possible choices available for their quilt. The customers love the chance to play with this tool, as they get to manage their cost of quilting with every choice they make.

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